Welcome to The Point

If you have followed us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube over the past few months (@ThePointHockey), you’ll have witnessed the growth of our coverage. We have covered the playoffs, with the Golden Knights’ march to the Finals, the Caps winning their first Stanley Cup, the NHL Awards, the 2018 Entry Draft, free agency and a few trades thrown in here and there.

It is time to take the next step, with the launch of our new website thepointhockey.com. We will still be posting to social media, providing quick hits on all the most important happenings in hockey, and now offer this site as a central place where all the information comes together.

At The Point, we are storytellers. We are constantly searching for the stories that get missed, are mistaken, or lack depth, and work to tell them better.
Our mission is to offer exactly, um, the point of the story, plus the crucial details behind the story. We look a little deeper into each player, team, trade, and game to find out why the story happened, and provide the numbers to support it. The Point will offer fact-based opinions, driven by the most in-depth data being collected in hockey.

So please stay with us, we hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy producing it.