Power Rankings: Week 6

Power Rankings: Week 6

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for our weekly Power Rankings. Using multiple variables we score teams out of 100 and rank them accordingly so you know who the contenders are, who the pretenders are and which way teams are trending. Forget polling a bunch of people, our scientific approach will have you impressing your friends when you tell them who’s moving up and who’s destined to fall.


Score: 87

Last week Power Rankings: 3rd

This week NHL Standings: 3rd

Last week NHL Standings: 5th

It’s called a super computer for a reason, folks. We’re not interested in regurgitating the standings in our Power Rankings – we’re here to tell you which way teams are trending. We had the Leafs 3rd in our rankings last week when they were 5th in the standings and guess where they are in the standings this week, 3rd. So, with us ranking them 1st in our Power Rankings this week – expect them to be the top team in the league a week from now.


Score: 86

Last week Power Rankings: 1st

This week NHL Standings: 1st

Last week NHL Standings: 2nd

Last week, the Preds were 2nd overall, we had them 1st…..and here they are, the top team in the NHL with 27 points, though they do have an identical record to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Despite allowing the 2nd fewest goals of any team in the league, the Preds have lost 2 straight and we see them losing their stranglehold on top spot in the league before long.


Score: 86

Last week Power Rankings: 2nd

This week NHL Standings: 2nd

Last week NHL Standings: 1st

We have Tampa dropping from 2nd in our Power Rankings to 3rd. The loss of stud goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy is a big one and with games in Philly, Nashville and then home to Florida before our next Power Rankings come out, we see them dropping, ever so slightly.


Score: 83

Last week Power Rankings: 12th

This week NHL Standings: 4th

Last week NHL Standings: 4th

It look us a little while to come around on this team being a true top 5 squad but the Wild finally get their due. Minnesota has won 4 of its last 5 and has games this week against Buffalo, Chicago and Ottawa. We see them picking up more wins and remaining in the top 5. The Wild are one of the stingiest defensive teams in the league and lead the NHL in a critical defensive stat. Check out our Statistics page to find the answer. Grab a Juicy Lucy and celebrate Wild fans, your team finally cracked out top 5!


Score: 73

Last week Power Rankings: 17th

This week NHL Standings: 5th

Last week NHL Standings: 14th

Look at ‘Lumbus go. Monster jump from the bottom half of our Power Rankings and into the top 5. 11 regulation / OT wins in 19 games, As you can see, their score of 73 is a sharp drop from the other top 5 teams but 2 straight wins and the super computer is liking what the Jackets are throwing out there. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure this team has top 5 staying power but the computer knows all and it says they do, for at least the next week.


Score: 71

Last week Power Rankings: 4th

This week NHL Standings: 8th

Last week NHL Standings: 6th

When new teams enter the top 5, other teams fall out and the Sharks did just that. 20 games, 10 wins, an even goal differential – San Jose is lucky the Pacific division has been as weak as it is because these are might average results. The super computer likes the process, though and thinks this team will be 6th overall a week from now, If Erik Karlsson, who has 3 points in his last 2 games, finally starts seeing results for his terrific play – look out. For the record, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with his game and you can read why, here.


Score: 66

Last week Power Rankings: 13th

This week NHL Standings: 13th

Last week NHL Standings: 17th

Super computer was dialed in on this team, as well forecasting them to be 13th overall, which is where they sit. Well, we’ve got them moving into a top 10 spot next week. The top line of Landeskog, MacKinnon and Rantanen is gross, just piling up goals. One of our analysts, Mike Kelly, spoke about what makes Mikko Rantanen, the league’s leading scorer, such a threat.


Score: 65

Last week Power Rankings: 10th

This week NHL Standings: 6th

Last week NHL Standings: 14th

The Jets aren’t getting quite as much love as they might deserve, though we have them moving from 10th to 8th in our Power Rankings. The Jets have a great record, games in hand on a lot of teams and have won 3 straight but this team has looked average offensively at even-strength and they give up a lot of chances. We know they’re elite and are capable of playing even better. When they do, they’ll likely be in the top 5 in our rankings.


Score: 64

Last week Power Rankings: 7th

This week NHL Standings: 7th

Last week NHL Standings: 9th

Gritty comeback win last night in Calgary for the Canadiens. Carey Price stopped 43 of 45 shots in what was easily his best game of the season. If Price is on his way back to form, this team will be competitive all season. They dropped slightly in our rankings but we still have them as a top 10 team.



Score: 64

Last week Power Rankings: 6th

This week NHL Standings: 14th

Last week NHL Standings: 8th

The Flames have lost 2 straight, including blowing a 3rd period lead at home to the Canadiens last night. Mike Smith is still trying to find his ‘A’ game and even though there’s a lot to like about this team, they are starting to slide the wrong way on our list. Edmonton, Vegas and Winnipeg await them over the next 7 days, all home games and it will be interesting to see how this team fares.


Score: 64

Last week Power Rankings: 5th

This week NHL Standings: 10th

Last week NHL Standings: 12th

The Isles just keep on rolling, winning 2 straight though they have dropped 5 spots in our Power Rankings. How, you ask? Good question, don’t shoot the messenger – the computer put them 11th! We still think the Islanders are scoring at an unsustainable rate given the volume and quality of their chances and aren’t convinced they will be able to keep pucks out of the net at the rate they have. Time will tell.


Score: 63

Last week Power Rankings: 9th

This week NHL Standings: 9th

Last week NHL Standings: 11th

It’s getting old but we had Boston 9th last week in our rankings and here they are in the standings. We told you we’d be your new destination for the best Power Rankings around. Everything the super computer values has the Bruins ranked either just inside or outside the top 10 and here they are, 12th in our rankings. The Bruins are still one of the top defensive teams in the league (though goaltending has been up and down for them) and they’ll be facing two good ones coming up in Dallas and Arizona.


Score: 61

Last week Power Rankings: 18th

This week NHL Standings: 11th

Last week NHL Standings: 10th

The Sabres are starting to get some respect from the super computer – nay, they’re demanding respect! Buffalo moves up 5 spots on our list, having won 3 straight games. This team has a tough sched right now with games in Winnipeg, Minnesota and Pittsburgh coming up but they passed their first test with a win over Tampa Bay on Tuesday. Let’s see what you got, Buffalo.


Score: 59

Last week Power Rankings: 15th

This week NHL Standings: 17th

Last week NHL Standings: 16th

McDavid. The guy is ridiculous. His game in Edmonton’s 6-2 win over Montreal on Tuesday was something else. Leon Draisaitl is a stud, RNH plays a strong game. The problem is, there’s a drop off from there and it gets steep, real fast. Will Cam Talbot ever regain his form? Lots of questions as the Oilers continue to hover around the middle of our Power Rankings.


Score: 58

Last week Power Rankings: 8th

This week NHL Standings: 18th

Last week NHL Standings: 22nd

Did the super computer overvalue the Coyotes? Maybe. However, we still think this team is quite good. In terms of team defense, they are solid. Obviously, missing Antti Raanta has hurt them but he should be back soon. If the ‘Yotes can score at a league average rate, they’ll be a playoff team – that simple. Also, their PK is hilarious right now – just scoring at will.


Score: 54

Last week Power Rankings: 11th

This week NHL Standings: 15th

Last week NHL Standings: 7th

A drop of 4 spots in the standings and a drop of 5 spots in our Power Rankings for the Dallas Stars. In fairness, they haven’t played since Monday but they have a busy schedule coming up. Bruins, Islanders, Rangers and Penguins all in the next 6 days and all without stud defenseman, John Klingberg.


Score: 54

Last week Power Rankings: 25th

This week NHL Standings: 26th

Last week NHL Standings: 31st

One week ago, the Panthers were in last place in the NHL. They rattled off a few wins in a row before losing last night in pretty spectacular fashion. We said it last week, this is not a last place team, not even close. Florida still has games in hand on pretty much everyone and we have them jumping 8 spots in our rankings this week. Expect to see the Panthers right around 17th in the standings a week from now as they keep moving on up.



Score: 52

Last week Power Rankings: 23rd

This week NHL Standings: 28th

Last week NHL Standings: 25th

The Penguins lost 2 of 3 in the last week and they moved up 5 spots in our Power Rankings. The super computer doesn’t seem to care about results with this team and it’ll be damned if you think it’s going to rank them where they sit in the standings, 28th overall. Penalties killed the Pens last night and this team still needs to clean up its play in its own end but we think some wins and a move up the standings are coming.


Score: 48

Last week Power Rankings: 20th

This week NHL Standings: 20th

Last week NHL Standings: 20th

The Hurricanes didn’t move in the standings and we have them moving ever so slightly, up one spot this week. Rinse and repeat with this team, great shot differential, not enough difference makers.


Score: 46

Last week Power Rankings: 16th

This week NHL Standings: 27th

Last week NHL Standings: 28th

You probably thought the super computer may have had a virus when it ranked the 28th place Devils 16th in our Power Rankings last week. Turns out it was just too far ahead of its time. Sure, the Devils only moved up one spot in the standings and sure, there ended up being a gap of 11 spots from our projected ranking to their actual one but New Jersey has won 2 straight games and its games in hand on most teams. They’re coming and we think they’ll be 20th overall next week. PS, Taylor Hall had a heck of game this week. Check it out, here.


Score: 46

Last week Power Rankings: 14th

This week NHL Standings: 19th

Last week NHL Standings: 18th

The Caps drop 7 spots in our rankings to 21st after losses to Columbus, Arizona and WInnipeg. Great powerplay, bad penalty kill, leaky defensively. Lots of the same traits as last seasons October – February Capitals who went on to win the Stanley Cup by locking it up defensively in the last month of the season and the playoffs. Maybe they’ll do it again but you don’t crack the top 20 on our list playing the way they have.


Score: 43

Last week Power Rankings: 21st

This week NHL Standings: 29th

Last week NHL Standings: 21st

So much went right for Vegas last season and so much is going wrong for them this season. We still say they’re better than their 29th place spot in the standings but Vegas needs to get it going.


Score: 42

Last week Power Rankings: 22nd

This week NHL Standings: 30th

Last week NHL Standings: 27th

You’re making the super computer look bad, St. Louis. Too much talent to be the 2nd worst team in the league right now. 2 straight losses; this team needs to turn it around, asap.



Score: 37

Last week Power Rankings: 27th

This week NHL Standings: 16th

Last week NHL Standings: 26th

Credit where credit is due, the Rangers are 5-1-1 in November and they move up 3 spots in our rankings. This is still a blow average team and while they currently sit 16th in the standings, we think they’ll be out of the top 20 before long.


Score: 35

Last week Power Rankings: 24th

This week NHL Standings: 21st

Last week NHL Standings: 19th

The Flyers have lost 2 straight and drop 1 spot in our rankings. The super computer still doesn’t think they’re as good as their record indicates and believes they’ll be closer to 25th overall in a week. The good news, Gritty saw snow for the first time recently….


Score: 25

Last week Power Rankings: 19th

This week NHL Standings: 12th

Last week NHL Standings: 3rd

The super computer still has no love for the Canucks. Vancouver dropped 9 spots in the standings, thanks to 3 straight losses and we have them down 7 spots in our rankings. The Canucks have a -10 goal differential, 5th worst in the league, and frankly, we think they are a bottom 10 team in the league.


Score: 20

Last week Power Rankings: 29rd

This week NHL Standings: 28th

Last week NHL Standings: 24th

The Senators have allowed 77 goals, more than any team in the league and we weren’t fooled by their decent start to the season. Ottawa will be a bottom 5 team in the league this year though we do like Drake Batherson, who scored in his first NHL game last night,


Score: 17

Last week Power Rankings: 28th

This week NHL Standings: 24th

Last week NHL Standings: 23rd

The Hawks didn’t move much in the standings and they remain 28th in our Power Rankings. A win over the Blues snapped a lengthy losing streak but wins are going to continue to be hard to come by for this team.


Score: 16

Last week Power Rankings: 30th

This week NHL Standings: 25th

Last week NHL Standings: 29th

The Wings move up a spot in our rankings and have won 4 of their last 5 games. Detroit has a top 10 powerplay but it’s still going to be a battle for this team to earn points most nights.


Score: 14

Last week Power Rankings: 26th

This week NHL Standings: 23rd

Last week NHL Standings: 15th

They win, the lose, they win, they lose. The Ducks are still giving up tons of chances and as they continue to slide in the standings, they continue to slide in our rankings. Though, there’s not much room to go at this point.


Score: 9

Last week Power Rankings: 31st

This week NHL Standings: 31st

Last week NHL Standings: 30th

The Kings remain 31st in our Power Rankings and are now 31st in the standings as well. They’re not quick and they have no Quick in net. Bad combination.