Cleaning Up The Front of The Hurricanes Net Is The Key To Their Dwindling Chances

Cleaning Up The Front of The Hurricanes Net Is The Key To Their Dwindling Chances

After a loss in Game 3, the Carolina Hurricanes have dug themselves into a hole that won’t be easy to climb out of but not impossible. To get back into the series they need to shore up their defensive zone, specifically directly in front of their net.

The Hurricanes have given up 13 goals through three games: one empty-netter, one from the perimeter and a staggering 11 from the inner slot

Boston forwards keep getting left alone in front of the Hurricanes net with Carolina players getting caught puck-watching instead of covering their man. It could be that they’re being told to front pucks rather than boxing out but if that’s the case they’re doing a horrendous job since they’re averaging the least amount of blocked shots per game in the third round.

Shots keep getting through to the Hurricanes net and Bruins forwards are able to get two or three whacks at the rebound before being touched by a Carolina player. Just like on this goal which might be on the powerplay but Jake DeBrusk still gets three touches on the puck before anyone makes a play on him and by then it’s too late.

Their lack of defensive awareness has seen them give up the highest quality shots in the third round.

The Hurricanes aren’t giving up a lot of shots comparatively but the majority of the shots they give up are coming from dangerous areas.

The reason for why a comeback might be possible though is that through the first two rounds, the Hurricanes continuously forced teams to take low-quality shots.

To get back in this series, the Hurricanes need to get back to the stingy play that got them to where they are in the first place. The Bruins have a ton of firepower and they’re getting production up and down their lineup. Forcing them to the outside into bad scoring situations and not getting caught puck-watching will give them a shot but they can’t forget to pot a few goals themselves.



(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)