Beyond the Box Score: McDavid in a league of his own

Beyond the Box Score: McDavid in a league of his own

Last night, Connor McDavid had the most high-event game by any player this season. If you didn’t catch the game and just looked at the highlights or box score, you’re probably thinking – one assist, 17% in the circle, dirty shootout winner, not bad but nothing special. Well, McDavid did a few things that other players simply aren’t capable of doing and it’s part of what makes him the best player in the world.

The ice was tilted in a big way as the Oilers possessed the puck in the offensive zone for 9:40, a season-high and more than twice the amount of Ozone possession the Blues had. Not surprisingly, McDavid was a big part of the Oilers dominating the possession game, finishing with 3:35 total puck possession, the most by a forward this season and 2:29 of puck possession in the offensive zone, 2nd most by a player this season.

McDavid was dishing pucks at a rate we haven’t seen all year, completing 43 passes on 58 attempts in the offensive zone, both single-game highs by a player this year.

There aren’t many players who are skilled enough to possess the puck in the attacking end and distribute it at that level but here’s where he really separates himself from everyone else – the transition game. McDavid skated the puck out of his own end 17 times last night. Only Mat Barzal, Johnny Gaudreau and Max Domi have done so more in a game this season. When it comes to entering the offensive zone with the puck, McDavid set the bar, beating his previous season high.

19 controlled zone entries for Connor McDavid. 19! There hasn’t been a player other than McDavid with that many entries in a game since McDavid entered the league.

It’s important to note that some of these numbers are buoyed by the fact that the game went to overtime and McDavid played over 28 minutes. However, lots of games go to overtime and the fact that McDavid was able to play 28 minutes and still skate, pass and stickhandle at this incredibly high rate is what makes him so unique.

Like we said, a player hasn’t done as much with the puck, from a sheer volume standpoint, in a game all season.

McDavid is here –

Everyone else is varying degrees of down here.

Oh ya, and he still had enough left in the tank to do this in the shootout as the Oilers went on to win the game 3-2.